History of Aikido Schaffhausen

Stage with Klaus Hagedorn and Michael Ibers

An intense but beautiful stage in Schaffhausen with Klaus Hagedorn (6th Dan) and Michael Ibers (6th Dan).


It’s a great pleassure for us to welcome Klaus Hagedorn (6th Dan) and Michael Ibers (6th Dan) from Munich to a stage with us.

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Stage 2019_11_16-17 M. Ibers und K. Hagedorn Kenbukai


Stage with Renato Filippin

It’s a great pleassure for us to welcome Renato Filippin (7.Dan) from St.Gallen CH to a Stage with us.

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Stage 2019_10_26 Renato Filippin

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Anniversary stage with Klaus Hagedorn and special guest Thomas Witty

The anniversary stage on the occasion of the 25-year collaboration with Klaus Hagedorn (6.Dan). As a guest, we are pleased to welcome Thomas Witty (6.Dan), who has agreed to lead this stage with Klaus.

It was a wonderful weekend when the collaboration with Klaus Hagedorn was celebrated. A big thank you also to Thomas Witty, who taught us a lot of new things. We also enjoyed the presence of some guests. Thanks to everyone and we hope to see you again soon.

Impressions of the anniversary stage here!

23rd and 24nd of june 2018